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Our fees are based on several key factors including time, talent, experience, quality of resources and services available. We carefully consider each individual project and build a plan to meet each clients design challenges.  



Design Consultation

We like to start every project with an in home consultation at a time that is convenient for you. During this initial meeting, we will discuss your design needs, tastes, style, likes, dislikes and the scope of the project.  By the end of this meeting, we will recommend a plan that aligns with your design needs and budget. We will determine our level of involvement and how to proceed. The design consultation fee is $100.00.

There are several fee schedule options after that, depending on the nature of your project and our level of involvement. We will work together to determine the best fee plan for your needs.   Below are some standard options.


Flat Rate

This is a fee determined after evaluating your design needs, formulating a project plan and working with your budget. We will provide a flat rate fee for the services. Unless the scope of the project changes, we will not exceed that budget.


Hourly Rate

You have the option of paying an hourly rate of $100.00.  We will provide an estimate on how many hours I foresee the project taking. 


Commission Fee

In this case, our fee is based on the commission of materials, services, furniture, or accessories purchased for the project.  The percentage varies from 10-25% depending on designer discounts determined by suppliers and the scope of job.  


One Time Fee

A one-time fee may be used if you require a color consultation, space planning for one room, lighting or materials selection. This method is common in new construction, or remodeling projects where the client needs design guidance. Our consultation fee for this is $300 for 3 hours and $90.00 for every hour thereafter. 


We will always work with you to tailor a plan and fee structure that meets your design goals while meeting your budget. 


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