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Design Process


Step 1

Design Consultation

After our initial phone conversation or online correspondence, we do an onsite design consultation.  This allows us to see your space in person and gather more information. Often, this will include taking measurements, obtaining pictures, sharing ideas and collaborating with you on the design direction. This is a time for feedback on your design needs. It’s also your chance to ask questions and get an expert opinion.  We often take measurements and pictures at this initial meeting.


Step 2

Letter of Agreement

Once you decide to proceed with the design process and concept, we will draft a Letter of Agreement. This document will outline the scope of the project. This can be as deep as a complete home remodel or as simple as accessories selection. 


Step 3

Concept Presentation

Once we have created the design concept(s), we will present them to you.  Our goal is always that you LOVE the design plans. In which case, you may complete the design implementation on your own. However, we are also available to complete the design implementation. This may also be a time to plan modification and improvements based on your feedback. 


Step 4


Once the design concept is finalized and ready for implementation, it is time to purchase the materials. We will create all of the purchase orders, negotiate with vendors and ensure that you get the best price possible.  If you are working on an hourly rate and prefer to manage orders yourself, you have the flexibility to do just that. 


Step 5

Delivery and Installation

Deliveries are received at your site and installed in phases, or in the final step of the project. In a full service design model, we will oversee the delivery and installation process.  We will be on site to ensure the design vision comes together smoothly and pieces are implemented as planned. Installing items as received is also any option we support.


**Flexibity to accommodate what works for you and for us is the foundation of our model. **

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